A memcached client library for C/C++. Best suited to yrmcds.

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libyrmcds is a memcached client library written in C.
This is a companion to yrmcds, a memcached compatible KVS.

In addition to the library itself, a client program called yc is included.


  • Minimalistic.

    libyrmcds does not provide any rich features like consistent hashing. Instead, it can be used as a base library to implement such rich features.

  • Designed for binary protocol.

    In order to access the true power of the binary protocol, libyrmcds is designed primarily for binary protocol. Limited support for the text protocol is provided, though.

  • Support for yrmcds extensions.

    Specifically, the server-side locking and the counter extension is supported.

  • Separated send / recv operations.

    Although the socket used in libyrmcds is blocking, receiving results from the server is separated from the sending operations. You can even use a different thread to receive results asynchronously.

  • Optional compression with LZ4.

    Large objects can be transparently compressed/uncompressed with LZ4 compression algorithm.



This library is licensed under the BSD 2-clause license.